About Malka

I Create With Love is guided by my intention to live each day with a  compassionate heart, contemplative mind, intuitive connection, and visionary perspective. I am inspired by nature, beauty, color and language. As a child I would draw for hours, creating colorful, lush images of birds and other entities. These childhood endeavors grew into my passion to explore a variety of fields in undergraduate and graduate school including fine art, photography, graphic design and cross-cultural communication. In addition to the conventional forms of “life credentials” I have extensive training and life experience in the healing arts and the metaphysical and spiritual world. I am committed to a life path of waking up and being the change we wish to see and experience in the world. This includes living with a light footprint on planet earth regarding a sustainable life style and a dedicated meditation/yoga practice.

Transformational Catalyst

Malka is a transformational catalyst to organizations and individuals in the arts, medical, mind-body-spirit-holistic healing, non-profit or more accurately “social profit”, entertainment and educational environments. She has designed both print and web communications for international branding logo-identity, publications, books, information design (graphs and charts), packaging, posters, signage, exhibitions, CDs, training materials, and much more.

She is a lifetime VIP member of Cambridge Who’s Who and a former design professor at Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science (now Philadelphia University), Minneapolis College of Art and Design, University of Minnesota, and Art Center College of Design in Switzerland, the former sister school to the internationally acclaimed college in Pasadena, CA.

Malka was the curator of Silence at the Paley Design Center in Philadelphia, an exhibition exploring sustainable and socially responsible design. Malka was one of twenty-four recipients of the award winning juried Poetry in Motion competition to create a poster incorporating poetry to be displayed in SEPTA buses, trains and trolleys (Philadelphia transit). The event was co-sponsored by the Philadelphia chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Poetry Society of America. Malka also created an installation space for Remembrance and Healing at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for World AIDS Day. She has written and performed at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis in conjunction with the Walker Art Center, The Playwright’s Center and Patrick’s Cabaret.

Living in the Present Moment

Malka deeply values integrating rituals to soften and open our heart. The most healing gift we can give to our self is to remember to breathe. We are all connected through our breath. Practicing meditation, yoga and other body-mind disciplines grounds us to the earth and to our core. It opens us to compassion so we are present to living and loving each moment as it unfolds.

On her journey to fuller expression, Malka began combining words, which reveal the outer reflection to the inner voice of our soul, with photography to design messages that embody healing, peace, prosperity, courage and other transformational themes. Currently she is writing and designing a book with a narrative on connecting to our soul, the authentic place that guides us on our journey through life.

Malka currently lives in Santa Fe, NM.