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This is Malka’s eclectic page. Find testimonials and additional links that Malka resonates with and perhaps you will too. From time to time please check back to see what else might show up!

Vibrate to a Higher Frequency

Constance Hart, Color Energy Healing Pioneer and Color Intuitive Developer of Conscious Colors.

Creativity for Peace, Nurtures understanding and leadership in Palestinian and Israeli adolescent girls and women so that they take on significant roles in their families, communities, and countries that advance peaceful coexistence.

Debbie Ford, Writer, teacher, coach, speaker, Debbie is a pioneer in understanding our shadow and bringing it out into the light.

Heike Lorenz, Reconnective Healing, Personal and Transformational Coaching programs, guide and mentor.

Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, Devoted to education, to everyone realizing their power to express and live who they truly are through increased awareness and self-mastery. Sai Maa serves all of us at this dawn of a new global awakening and enlightened society.

Krista Jarrard, Systemic Constellation, Trans-Generational Healing and Astrology.

Lena Stevens Monthly Forecast, Monthly guidance sent via email with a week-by-week format for you personally on various topics; helpful in these times of ascension.

Lynne Twist, Global activist, fundraiser, speaker, consultant, and author has dedicated her life to global initiatives that serve the best instincts in all of us. She has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and trained thousands of fundraisers to be more effective in their work.

Panache Desai, Travels the world carrying divine energy to people of all nationalities, all religious beliefs and ideologies. He has activated thousands of people through his divine presence. He is a vehicle of profound peace, love and light.

Staci Wells, Inner Light Counseling, psychic readings, spiritual and metaphysical services, specializing in Pre-Birth Planning Readings, General Readings, Medical Intuitive. Book collaboration with author Robert Schwartz for “Your Soul’s Plan.”